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Dick, an unemployed technician, had discovered a very interesting gay site while surfing online, and the most interesting was that your ex boyfriend, Mark, worked on the site making presentations on cam.

Dick- Hi, Marc! I'm Dick, how are you? 

Mark- Wooow! What a surprise!

Dick- I visited that site, Gayland ... and I lost myself thinking of you ...

Mark- Oh, well, You know how much I love sex... and this way, I can get some delicious guys...

Dick- I already know how much you enjoy sex !!! So I found you fucking with two guys in my bed !!!

Dick- Stallion!

Mark- What? He hung up ...

Guy- Look, we are fucking or what?

Mark- But of course, bully !!!

Guy- ...but then... what about this website...

Mark- Later I tell you, man... Make of your way! Push!

Dick, an unemployed technician, found the gayland site and was surprised to find his ex boyfriend, Mark, doing live shows on webcam. Dick called to see what he was doing but became angry with him.

Man1- I feel excited to see Mark working on a porn site!

Man2- Why? After all, Mark always was a dog. Do not forget that he betrayed you in your own bed.
(If you are at least notice me, Dick ... I am I really love you!)

Man1- Well, I´m going... see ya, okay?

Man2- okay, big man! 

Man2- Now, What was the name of that website...? oh, yes! Gayland... 
Let´s see...``see webcam``... this one looks like Dick.

Man2- Yes, Dick!!! My love!!! Answer me, please!!!

Man2- Oh, Dick... 

Mother- !David! Dick arrived and he is looking for you...

Man2- Shit!! It was just a dream!!!

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