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Vamos nos divertir com as aventuras de Dick 22 cm, um cara gostoso que perdeu o emprego por não tolerar os abusos do patrão, então ele passa a trabalhar por conta própria... Esse quadrinho é muito divertido...

Let's have fun with Dick adventures 22cm, a nice guy who lost his job for not tolerate the employer's abuse, so he goes to work on your own ... This comic is a lot of fun ...

-This site gayland route 69, left me excited. I'll see if I can get a nice dick like that...!

Dick, you can come to my office for a moment? 

-I'm already going boss!

Boss-Now you'll have to fuck me! oh, no ..., but what a pity ...! Now you'll have to fuck me!

Dick-Shit I will! This is sexual harassment! I'll report you, you pig!

Boss-If you leave, you're fired you idiot!

Dick-Fuck you! 

Dick- Uff! ... I'm finally at home ...This happens to me in all the work ...Satisfied? Because of you I´m fired again!

Dick is a cute guy with a huge dick. He was fired from the company where he works as a technician because not tolerate your boss of sexual harassment. Now he's unemployed and working at home.

Dick-Hallo, here is Dick ... need help with your computer # right ... I'll be there immediately.

Pepe- Hi, I´m Pepe! 

Dick- Hi, I´m Dick!

Pepe- That´s it! I can not connect to the Blog gayland already two days ago, and I do not take any more!

Dick- I am seeing...Here it is!

Pepe- excellent!

Pepe- I want to thank you...

Dick- For me, I would be delighted...

Pepe- You did a great job ... Now is my time!!!

Pepe- Take! Take! The condom! I believe I'll have to break the computer again soon!

Dick is still unemployed for not accepting the sexual harassment of his boss, now he works repairing computers at home. Lately he heard enough on a web page.

Dick- I want to know what's interesting in this blog. Wow! Hey, it's not so bad. It has many pictures .... curiosity ... Let's see! Let's see! Cum! These are great! This ... this guy looks like Mark, my ex-boyfriend !!! Heeey !!!!! This is Mark !!!

To tell the truth, we have good times together ...I remember he loved to ride on top of me and moving his beautiful ass on my dick... And he could suck me for hours, that bastard! Ops! I´m excited... Anyway, I could call him... 


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